Basement suites aren’t generally known for their stunning views, and the view from my living room window is particularly ugly: the old green mouldering fence of the house next door. Of course, the house is for sale and whoever buys it is likely to tear it down, so the imminent construction site view won’t be very lovely either.

Stunning Vista

I was sick of looking at that ugliness so using some vases, candlesticks, glasses and one empty gin bottle, plus twenty-four dollars’ worth of peonies I made something much lovelier.


When Sym got home from school she added our collection of Tokidoki Unicornos to give it a little something extra.

Improved Windowscape

The little red devil, Pepperino, is new, Taylor picked it up for me on Wednesday when I was having bad day.


Actually this whole week has been terrible, but! I forgot I’d booked all of next week and the following Monday off. WOOO TEN DAY WEEKEND!!

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  1. The collection of complementary but not identical glass is stunning, and you can’t go wrong with peonies. Wish I could grow them but you need full sun for that, so no peonies.

    1. Thank you! I can’t grow peonies either, my garden area is tiny and dark and mostly grows ineradicateable weeds.

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