Dog Days

Sun & Clouds

Friday night
Dance Central night, of course! We hadn’t played in a couple of weeks so it was really fun.


The “heavy bounce” from Bust a Move, a song Sym always kills me at in dance battles.

After Sym when to bed Taylor and I stayed up watching Magnum, P.I. and one of us got very, very drunk.


When Sym was a baby I used to watch this show every morning, it was on right after Murder, She Wrote. Man, that was the life… btw, we only have the first couple seasons so if anyone wants to buy me four through eight that’d be pretty sweet.

Those of us who WEREN’T hungover we out and ran errands, stuff like banking, book-shopping, and buying four bags of chocolate chips.

So Many Chocolate Chips

They were on sale! I had to stock up!

Taylor eventually dragged his sorry self out of bed and we spent some time hanging out in the back yard with Sym, our neighbor Dallas, all the dogs and some bubble wands.

Symmie & Dallas

Sym bought a book of cootie catchers/fortune tellers and spent a lot of time telling us all our fortunes.


Harley is Dallas’s dog & Georgie’s boyfriend.

Summer Vision

After Sym and Dougal were picked up Taylor and I went out for a much-needed late lunch of greasy food at Hamburger Mary’s and then took Georgie and Kichou to the dog park.

Hungover Husband

Later we watched part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows so we’ll be ready to watch part two next week!

I actually slept in! Amazing, right? I don’t think I got up until around ten. Taylor and I went for brunch at Joe’s Grill and then spent the entire afternoon taking the dogs for an epic journey around the Coal Harbour/Stanley Park part of the seawall we never walk.


There was a concert series in the park for Vancouver’s 125th birthday this weekend, so for parts of our walk we got to experience a swing band, and at one point, a ten minute glockenspiel solo.

City of Glass
Uncharted Territory

Up until today, this was the furthest we’d walked on the Coal Harbour part of the Seawall.

A New View

Downtown from a totally different angle.

Nine O'Clock Gun

The Nine O’Clock Gun: I hear this every day but I’d never seen it (and yes, you can hear it all over downtown. CANNONS ARE LOUD).

Lion's Gate Bridge

Looking west across Burrard Inlet toward the Lion’s Gate Bridge.

Taylor in the Park with Kichou
Happy Pup
Me & Georgie
Georgie Rejecting my Kisses

She looks like she’s rejecting my love here, but .1 seconds earlier she was licking my nose. Fickle pup!

Since we are poor and can’t afford to go away for a real vacation this summer, one thing I really wanted to do was check out some parts of the city & surrounding areas that I haven’t seen, so this walk was a good start! I should have taken more care with sunscreen though, as a ended up with my first (and hopefully last!) burn of the year, right on my purse-carrying shoulder.

Sick Burn

In the evening after Sym was dropped off the two of us went out for a little mommy+ Symmie time. We got passion tea lemonades and went to the park and discussed really important stuff, like which Harry Potter characters you like the best and why being rich isn’t an excuse for being a bad person.

Symmie in the Park

Afterwards we came home and painted our nails with shatter polish (pictures coming later!) while watching Parks & Rec. I know that on the internet it’s much cooler to have a cute little baby you carry around, but I’m pretty happy with the fully functioning human being I’ve raised.

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