Mo’ Fuzzy Mo’ Problems

Raggedy Cat

I realized I haven’t updated on the Claire situation since May, when I learned she was sick as hell again. I switched her to hypoallergenic cat food and got her insulin dosage back up to normal (1/100th of a cc twice a day) and after a month, I took her in for blood tests. The result: HIGHER BLOOD SUGAR THAN EVER. seriously cat, what is up with you??!! The vet recommended upping her insulin dosage slightly, so now she’s on 1Β½ /100th of a cc twice a day, and I have to take her in again at the end of this month for more tests.

Now, this is all very annoying and costly, but the most annoying thing I’ve been dealing with re: my diabetic cat is the people. I don’t mean the staff at the veterinary clinic, I mean the people who say stuff like “Have you considered euthanasia?” OH SURE, WHY DON’T I JUST KILL MY PERFECTLY HAPPY CAT FOR THE SAKE OF MY OWN CONVENIENCE??? Sure she has diabetes, but she’s not bothered about it, so why does she deserve to die? I just don’t get people sometimes.

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  1. She looks just like my poor cat that died :(. WHy would you consider killing a cat with diabetes? IDGI. People are terrible.

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice your critique of PW in your twitter. HDU. I mean, have you heard about and HILARIOUS AND AMAZING.

  2. Ugh. Why would anyone ever say that, even if they think it’s the best option? If the animal isn’t suffering and you can manage the illness, why wouldn’t you try your best to keep her alive. Jeez.

  3. ughhhh as if anyone could ever put claire to sleep! i can’t believe anybody would consider putting their animal to sleep unless they were in pain that couldn’t be fixed/managed. i love claire.

  4. That’s an awful suggestion. πŸ™ When my parents split up, we had to give away our family dog (neither of them was in a living situation that could support a dog) and luckily, close family friends were able to take him in. It was all fine and good, we still got to see him on occasion, and he was happy there… then he was diagnosed with diabetes, and next thing we knew they’d put him down.

    So sad!

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