Popsicle Party + Bonus Cocktail/Recipes for Eight Limes

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Super Lime Popsicle
Super Lime Popsicles

You might be thinking, didn’t she already make lime popsicles? Well, that’s true, I did make some last summer, but for those I used store-bought limeade and only juiced a couple of limes. NOT THIS TIME.

Eight Limes

Some of these limes I bought to use in gin & tonics and some of them I was planning on juicing and adding to the raspberry juice I made the other week, but I never got around to it. All in all I had eight limes.

Juicing Eight Limes

Juicing eight limes is a lot of work, but the end I had a serious hand cramp.

Sugar + Water

Once I was done I mixed the juice with some simple syrup (2 cups of water + 1 cup of sugar).

Super Limeade

I ended up with 3½ cups of limeade, more that I needed for the popsicles. Symphony suggested I use the rest with booze (her words, lol). She thoughtfully wrote up this cocktail recipe for me.

Symphony's Special Drink

I ended up keeping it simple and just mixed the juice with gin. No muss, no fuss. Lots of acidity though, I could have DEFINITELY used some more water or club soda in these. The ginless popsicle version is pretty good though.

Tanie's Special Drink

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