What I’ve Been Eating

Crackers, Cheese & Veggies

Last Friday I was too lazy to cook/we were playing Dance Central so I just cut up some veggies and put them out with cheese and crackers.

Breakfast of Chocolate Champions

My general breakfast: an americano with chocolate sprinkles (in my excellent Fringe Division mug, of course!) and cocoa mini Mini Wheats, now with Almond Breeze instead of milk! I’ve been buying organic milk for drinking and almond milk for cereal and coffee, so far it’s been okay, although I’ve noticed my creal gets mushy faster.

Mini Veggie Pie
Mini Veggie Pie
Mini Veggie Pie

Wednesday night was my favorite dinner this week, mini veggie shepherd’s pies! Inside they have carrots, celery, red pepper, baby corn, broccoli and tofu, topped with mashed potatoes and parmesan cheese. I was going to make a salad to go with them but someone ate all the cucumbers so we just had tomato slices.

Some meals not pictured: pancakes at Joe’s Grill on Sunday, perogies on Tuesday night and a million pounds of cherries for every snack.

So. Still no meat! I was actually tempted to use a bouillon cube when I was making the shepherd’s pies so they wouldn’t be bland, but they have beef fat in them so I stuck to my guns and instead used soy sauce, paprika, chili powder, pink salt and white pepper instead, and they were delicious.

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