My First Spud

This past weekend I signed up for SPUD (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery) and on Tuesday I received my first order. I was anxious because I’m really picky about fruit and vegetables and I was worried that they wouldn’t be up to snuff, but everything is great! The produce is super fresh and crisp and not in any way mangled or gross, which was my main concern.

My 1st SPUD
milk, lemonade, pea shoots, carrots, romaine lettuce, kale, red peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, rice

I’m excited about this because I haaaaaaaate grocery shopping; not having a car means I either have the schlep fifty bags of food home on my back OR I have to go to the store every single day. NOT COOL. With SPUD I get my food delivered right to my door, which is gonna be especially awesome in winter! Some other things that are great about SPUD:
1. This varies by area, but for me (in downtown Vancouver) there is free delivery on orders over $35. I DEFINITELY spend more than that every week on food so I can’t imagine I’ll ever be paying for delivery.
2. Everything that is local (grown/produced within 800km of their warehouse) is clearly labelled, so it’s really easy to choose local stuff. They also give you a running average of the travel distance for the food you choose, so if you’re a nut like me you can make a fun game* of trying to achieve the lowest travel average. For my first order, the average was 153km. NOT BAD!

Now, I don’t think I’ll be able to cut out going to the grocery store completely; I can’t really afford to buy the fancy organic version of everything we eat, and they don’t carry all the products I want (read: junk food and white bread), but I can see this service really saving me a lot of time, energy and stress!

If you live in one of the areas where SPUD operates and are like me (hate grocery shopping and carrying heavy bags, love local/organic food and feeling smug) then definitely check them out! Please feel free to use my promo code:

… and you’ll get $5 of your first three orders and $10 off your fourth (disclaimer: I will also get $25 off).

*I’m not cool.

3 Replies to “My First Spud”

  1. Jealous! We had a grocery/produce delivery store here in Pittsburgh for a little bit but they went out of business. I was doing a CSA delivery for awhile but I’m very anal about meal planning and knowing exactly what I’m buying for a week, so the surprise factor of the CSA kept bugging me.

    I should probably relax.

    1. NEVER RELAX! I’m not anal about meal planning but I am p[icky as hell, there was NO WAY I could join one of those.

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