It Never Rains Cats & Dogs but it Pours

I swear it never ends with these pets! In the past couple weeks I’ve gotten calls from the vet about Georgie and Kichou needing bordatella shots, Dougal needing bordatella, rabies and parvo shots, and Claire being due for another glucosamine test. I was petting Georgie just now and I discovered her muzzle was all swollen!

Swollen Face Georgie

Okay it’s a little hard to see if you don’t spend all your time gazing adoringly into her face. This should help.

Swollen Faced Georgie Diagram

Or maybe the profile.

Swollen Face Georgie

WHAT THE HELL, DOG. I took her out for her walk at 6:30 this morning and her face was completely normal, so this happened sometime in the last six hours. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain or discomfort and her behavior is totally normal, so I’m going to wait and see if the swelling goes down on its own and I get my regular-faced dog back.


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    1. I don’t know! I didn’t hear her yelping at any point, and she was inside for almost the whole day, except for when I took her out really early for a walk.

  1. The same exact thing happened to my dog and he’s a Pomeranian too. I took him out for a walk and it was normal, then 5-6 hours later one side of his muzzle is swollen. Did you ever find out what caused it and how to treat it?

    1. I never found out! I think it was probably a bug bite of some sort, and the vet agreed (I showed him pictures after the fact).

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