Farmer’s Market Haul

Last Saturday I was in a huge snit (because I tripped over everything in my foyer: shoes, dogs, dog crates) and smashed my FACE into the door frame) so I sulked in bed all day and missed the farmer’s market, including my FAVORITE vendor, Bean Boy, who isn’t gong to be back until August 20th 🙁 This week I was determined not to waste the opportunity to grocery shop right outside my house (I hate going to the grocery store, remember?) so I took out cash on Friday night and hit the stalls bright and early Saturday morning.

July 23rd Farmer's Market Haul

clockwise from top left: cauliflower, broccoli, arugula, peaches, honey sticks (for Sym), raspberries, peaches (the first of the season), long English peas (I used these in the salad I made for lunch and they were SO GOOD I went back out and bought a huge bag of them!), cheese, rainier cherries, mint, heirloom tomatoes and whole wheat berry muffins.

One thing I’ve noticed this year is that the market by my house is becoming more of a “get here super early” event, definitely more so than in previous years. It’s on from 9am to 2pm, but a lot of stalls are running out of produce at on or even noon! I like to walk my dogs past the market at 8:30 BEFORE I go to shop so I can “pre-plan” what I’m going to buy, and yesterday there were people lining up at some of the stalls already! The early bird gets the tomatoes, I guess.

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  1. oh man I wish we had farmers markets like this here! I did however buy two boxes of strawberries from a valley like 2 hours away from here yesterday, that is as fresh as it gets around here haha XD

    And for some reason I cant see your videos on g+ and its making me sad:( I wanna see Georgie head-tilting

    1. Are they not showing up at all? Or just not playing? I had to click on them & click away a couple times to get them to work.

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