Sundays With Symphony

Symphony Pikitis

Recently Sunday evenings have become a “special” time that Sym and I spend together. During the school year we only have a little while to hang out after her dad drops her off and before she has to go to bed, but now that it’s summer vacation I can let her stay up late and we have the most fun together.

We’ll watch a movie, or a bunch of iCarly, or more recently Parks and Recreation. Usually we paint our nails, although I’m giving mine a break from polish this week (hence the no Manicure Monday post) so last night we worked on crafts together. We ate cookies and veggies for snacks and drank more of Taylor’s giant jug of Arnold Palmers.

Symphony has been so great so far this summer, I’m so happy I decided (ie was too broke) to send her to day camp. She’s been a big help around the house and with the kids, comes up with great ideas for activities for us/is on board with my ideas and hardly ever complains about being bored- although she does still spend a significant portion of every day asking for food! On Friday she helped me gather hundreds of bluebell seeds from the front yard and on Saturday we planted them in the garden. She’s excited about the Sailor Moon-themed craft swap I’m doing with Rhiannon. She’s still super into reading the Harry Potter books with me (we’re currently on Goblet of Fire). Basically she’s just the best kid in the world!

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