I’m Still Here

Still Sick

I feel like recently this blog has been pretty low on the Tanie content, but that’s only because I’ve been having basically the worst time of my life. A couple of weeks ago I got sick with a terrible summer cold which coincided PERFECTLY with throwing my back out; back when I was seventeen I messed it up breaking into my Crackton apartment (don’t ask) and every few years it goes wrong again.

I can’t go from standing the sitting, sitting to laying down, or laying to standing, I can’t step up onto things and I can’t bend over or pick things up off the floor, which goes really well with a job where I have to carry heavy toddlers around. Fun fact: I’ve been picking small objects up off the floor with my toes because it’s easier than using my hands right now.

Adding to the total misery is the fact that every time I sneeze or cough I send my back out again. Every day I have to get up and decide which is worse: the back pain or the cold, and then take the appropriate medicine for the one I choose, since obviously I can’t take both. Fortunately my cold seems to be on the wane, and has now segued from fever and sneezing/coughing to an endless sinus headache. Yay

So that’s where I am. Not doing anything fun, wearing my hair in a messy topknot 24/7 and never changing out of my pajamas, and basically just weeping softly into a plate of cookies every day.

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  1. I know what you mean about the back pain (I can finally move after Jan’s fiasco that lasted till march with me not being able to stand up straight.)
    You have my total sympathy, I know im in kelowna but let me know if there is anything I can do!

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