Fair Play

Instead of playing Dance Central for Family Fun Friday, this week Taylor, Sym and I went to The Fair at the PNE. It was pretty much the most fun ever; we ended up staying for five hours! We saw the Superdogs, ate all the things, played some games, went on some rides… I think it was the most fun I’ve ever had there!


Waiting at Burrard Station for the bus.

The Crowd

The haze in this picture is smoke from all the fried food O___o

Symmie Navigates

Sno-cones! I had rainbow and Sym had lime. Taylor had cherry but we didn’t take a picture of it.


We got the big bag of little donuts.

Poutine Hotdog

It was kind of hard for me to find non-sugary stuff to eat since I’m not eating meat, but Taylor enjoyed this poutine hotdog with fries, bacon, cheese, green onions and gravy.

Deep-fried Oreos
Symmie & Deep-Fried Oreos

Deep-fried Oreos! I also got a deep-fried Pop-Tart with whipped cream, Fruity Pebbles and rainbow sprinkles but the picture disappeared from my phone, LAME. EDIT THE PICTURE UNDISAPPEARED YAY!

Deep-fried Poptart

Waiting for Superdogs to start. I tried to take a picture of Sym and Taylor but he made a ridiculous face, and I’m nice so I’m not going to post it on the internet.

Here’s a bunch of animals:

Llama & Babby Llama
Babby Cow
Li'l Sebastian

Our very own Li’l Sebastian! There was also a mini-donkey but I couldn’t get a picture of her.

Fluffy-Footed Pigeons

There were all kinds of fancy pigeons; I liked these fluffy-footed ones the best.

Babby Chickens
Babby Piggy
Racing Ducks!

Duck race!

Racing Pigs!

Pig race!


Sym & I with a Navy bomb-disposal robot.

My only complaints were:
1. There were NO deep-fried jelly beans this year! The website said there was so I was very disappointed.
2. Both Taylor and Sym are chickens so neither of them would go on the roller coaster or ferris wheel with me. Sym would only go on the kiddie rides and Taylor wouldn’t go on anything! Hopefully next year Sym is a little braver, she’s already tall enough to go on everything so she just needs to courage up!

Taylor & Justin Bieber

8 Replies to “Fair Play”

    1. I know, they’re amazing. I think I had those eyebrows when I was younger but I tweezed them too much when I was a goth and they were never the same (although they did grow back, THANK GOD).

    2. also idk if you saw, but the animals weren’t abused and bloody at our fair. They were cute and clean and adorable and soft! We petted all the Superdogs and a baby chicken and the mini-donkey. Some chick tried to entice a giant ox over to her and I was like GIRL THAT THING IS LIKE EIGHT FEET TALL WHAT R U DOING???

  1. OMG I LOVE the fair! I haven’t been in years but my family and I would go to the county fair in the summer. They always had bunnies for sale and that was my favorite part. I love the feather toed pigeons you got to see though!!!!! They are SO COOL! Did the fair have the convention portion where people sell things like shamwows and fancy blenders where they can make ice cream one minute and soup the next (and give you samples?) that was always my favorite. when i was 15 i spent $45 on this weighted thing you strap to your abs and wear to “work out” lol IT DID NOTHING

    1. They had a couple weird things like that, like those toy ride-on pony pet horses for spoiled kids lol. I used to go sometimes when I was a kid but my family was poor and had a billion kids so my parents would never buy us anything.

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