Last Day

After having the last whole week off of work, it’s hard to go back today. Happily, Taylor and I gave the weekend a nice finish by taking the dogs for a giant walk through Stanley Park/the Seawall. We often go from Yaletown to Sunset Beach/English Bay, and a few weeks ago we went from Coal Harbour to Lumberman’s Arch. This time we went by Lost Lagoon to Second Beach and then around the Seawall to Lumberman’s Arch to other way, past Third Beach, Siwash Rock and Under the Lion’s Gate Bridge. Taylor says that next weekend he wants to got the whole way around the park in one trip but idk if the little dogs will be up for it (by which I mean me).

Some pictures:


Georgie by the lagoon. There were ducks in the water and she was losing her mind.


Raccoons snuggling on a log.


The ocean at Second Beach. That girl sitting there was giving us really a dirty look, idk why.


Kichou and I, windblown and happy.


Rock balancing.


Siwash Rock


Lion’s Gate Bridge from below.

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