Slow It Down

I don’t know if I’m going to be posting much this week, because I’m going to be busy with a new, super-fun project. That was sarcasm btw, because the project I’m working on is moving this blog off of and self-hosting it. Actually Taylor very thoughtfully (at my insistence) already did all that HOWEVER I need to re-redo the layout (that I just redid, argh) and find and reinsert a bunch of pictures into my posts. See, MOST of the pictures you see on this blog are on my flickr, but in the wayback long time ago before I had a flickr account I just uploaded all the pictures right to, and I still sometimes do if it’s something like a screencap or picture from someone’s etsy or something. So yeah. I need to download all those pictures (since most of them I don’t have on my computer anymore), upload them to flickr and edit them back into the posts. There’s only like TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY of them so it’s no big deal. (More sarcasm)


Anyway this also means that if you didn’t update your links when I first switched from to, then you need to go do it! Right now!


Anyway, hopefully I’ll get this all done pretty quickly and get back to posting like normal! Of course, I need to actually START doing it first. Today I was so desperate to find something to procrastinate on I actually started ironing my sheets and pillowcases O____o

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