I’m Back

Peace in Our Time

I can’t even begin to explain what a hassle this blog-moving has been. If you follow my twitter or the blog’s facebook page then you might have some idea, but basically the last four days have been an endless cavalcade of support emails and error messages, finally culminating this afternoon in a flurry of my most hysterical tweets yet. At one pm I posted my now-classic rant and within hours everything was resolved and my blog was all nice and cozy in its new hosting home. FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS.

Thank you to everyone who gave me emotional support during this time of extreme crisis, I really appreciate it! And to everyone who was inundated with a bunch of old posts when I was editing them earlier this week: I’m sorry. Now I’m ready to start posting all the posts I didn’t post in the past week, so get ready for posts on hese exciting topics!

•  triple-chocolate mini-donuts!

• all the make up & nail polish Hardy Candy sent me as a runner-up prize from the StyleOn DIY Manicure contest!

• the food I’ve been making to fit in with Taylor’s stringent new dietary restrictions!

•my new neighbors’ new fence!

•I got my hair done and it looks exactly the same!

• my new raincoat!

• people sent me socks and scarves in the mail!

• aaaaaaaaaand lots more new & adorable pet pictures!

Now that the move is made it’s possible that some posts might be weird, or missing images/videos, or have broken links. If anyone is creepy creeping through my archives and finds a broken post, I would love it if you could leave a quick comment to let me know something needs fixing.

5 Replies to “I’m Back”

  1. This is indeed a spiffy new web address. All www and whatnot. Congrats on your hard work, the internet viewing public appreciates it!

  2. can i just express how happy i am that you are not giving up the internet. and that your blog is still here. yay!

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