Manicure Monday


Last week’s nails:

Hard Candy in Fabuluxe
This colour is GORGEOUS. You get great coverage with just a couple coats and it dries quite quickly. However, the polish is pretty gloopy to work with, and I don’t know if it was because I was washing my hands more than normal, but it all peeled off in just a couple days. Kind of lame, but I think it’s better than trying to get glitter polish off with remover and a cotton pad.

This week’s nails:

Quo by Orly in First Class
LOVE this colour. In real life it’s pinker than it looks here, more of a rose gold colour. So pretty! Like the other Quo by Orly polishes I’ve tried, this one was great.

Hard Candy in Mushroom

Hardy Candy in Mushroom
I normally wouldn’t go for a brown shade like this, but I actually like it. The formula seemed okay- I always do a terrible job on my toes so who can really say. I also think this colour goes really well with the First Class- I’d like to do a leopard nail using these two.

Last week I received my runner-up prize from Hard Candy for the StyledOn DIY Manicure contest you all helped me win. Originally it was just supposed to be nail polish, but it took so long for Hard Candy to send that they included a bunch of make up, and StyledOn also sent me a $25 e-giftcard to Sephora, but I couldn’t use it in Canada so I sold it to an American friend.

DIY Manicure Contest Runner-Up Prize

left to right: matte top coat, Splendid, Sky, Frenzy

DIY Manicure Contest Runner-Up Prize

left to right: Fabuluxe, Mushroom, Beetle, The End

DIY Manicure Contest Runner-Up Prize

front to back: Stay In Line mechanical eyeliner pencil in Baby Brown Sparkle, Stroke of Gorgeous felt tip eyeliner in Nautical, Eye Def metallic eyeshadow in The Essence of Envy, Lashaholic mascara in Blackest Black, Lash Tinsel mascara in Starstuck

DIY Manicure Contest Runner-Up Prize

front to back: Plumping Serum volumizing lip gloss in Short Circuit, tinted lip balm in Lovestruck

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