Waiting for the Rain

One of my favourite things to do in the autumn is buy a new raincoat. Wait, I mean one of my LEAST favourite. I have to do it every year because I always buy some stupid useless jacket that is supposed to keep me warm and dry and ends up letting me get soaked because it’s not appropriate for rain.

Stupid Jacket

I believe even my bra was wet in this picture. If I had a dollar for every supposedly waterproof coat that acts like a rainsponge hanging in my closet I’d have… significantly less money that I’ve spent on them >:/ It sucks because on rainy days I can’t just hole up in my apartment, I have dogs that need to be walked, daycare kids that need to be taken to preschool, my own kid who needs to be picked up from school, etc etc. I always end up wearing my beloved TNA duffle coat from Aritzia, which is more waterproof than any of my supposed raincoats.


It’s wool though, so it’s way to hot to wear for most of the early fall/late spring (although I HEARTILY recommend it for winter, I’ve had it for years and I love it so much). This year I decided I had really and truly finally had it with these dumb, useless jackets that are totally ineffective against the weather. I did some research and decided to buy a Torrentshell trenchcoat from Patagonia. I mean, TORRENTSHELL? That sounds like it’ll keep the rain out! I ordered it in “lagoon” (a bright blue), and awaited it eagerly.

Patagonia Torrentshell trenchcoat

Of course, as soon as it arrived it stopped raining. For a whole week! DANG IT. There have been a couple small showers this week though, and so far so good! It fits well, there’s a whole bunch of scientific-sounding reasons why it’s waterproof, and it’s pretty cute. I think I’ve got a winner here!

Patagonia Torrentshell trenchcoat

I already have rainboots & pants that I like, and with the addition of this awesome jacket, I’m almost set! I just need some waterproof gloves- I have to have my hands out of my pockets to walk the dog or push the stroller (or both, at the same time) and going anywhere with kids takes eight billion years, so my hands turn into sad waterlogged icy cold chapped red messes all autumn long. I’m thinking these Patagonia R1 Gloves look like they’ll do the trick. Basically I just love Patagonia right now! If anyone wants to buy them for me I’ll take a medium.

Patagonia R1 Gloves

As a bonus they also look like something a serial strangler would wear.

3 Replies to “Waiting for the Rain”

  1. 1) Cute coat! Me likey
    2) When did we get that much snow? Was that last year?
    3) Those gloves do seem bitchin. Have you tried them on anywhere, and do you know how dextrous you could be?

    1. The snow as in 2008.

      I haven’t tried the gloves on, but they’re meant for outdoor cold wet weather sporting activities (fishing?) so I figure they’ll be dextrous enough.

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