Welcome Christmas

A little more of the holiday decorations at my house, this time the foyer.

Foyer Display

Sym drew a panda & bunny dressed for winter to put on my reminders board (which I never actually use for reminders anymore, oops). I put up my Joyeux Noel banner and some red, white and green paper bunting I made last year. I hung up my old white wreath and unearthed the snowman light from the bottom of my Christmas storage bin. The little red felt tree on the right is from Ikea, I love it but haven’t really found a home for it yet. Right now it’s just perched on my Spud grocery bins. PRE-POST UPDATE: I wasn’t able to find somewhere to put the little tree when it was put together, so I took it apart and stuck one half to one of the canvases, and I actually really like how it looks!

Christmas Tree Picture

The green wreath is actually meant to be on my front door, but I haven’t been able to find a hanger for it. So weird, I know I saw millions of them in stores a few weeks ago but now I can’t find anything

Wreath Up Close

I bought a plain artificial wreath and added tiny white ornaments from Ikea (I pulled the tops off and stuck them right onto the ends of the branches), some fake red berries (which I had stuffed in a box for years), and tiny gold leaf garland. Originally I was going to wrap the garland around the wreath, but that looked cruddy so instead I cut it into 4-6″ lengths and tediously twisted it around individual branches of the wreath. Really.

Christmas Dot Garland

I hung this red, green and silver dot garland (more on this in another post) up on the cloud wall just to take a picture, but I think I might leave it there, and make some more for the other birds!

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