Crafting with Scraps

When I make glitter banners I generally end up with glitter scraps. Lots and lots of glitter scraps. Scraps to small to use for letters but too big to throw away.

Crafting With Scraps

I’ve been saving them all up in a box but it’s basically overflowing so it was really time to do some scrap crafts! I decided to try making a dot garland. Using a quarter and a penny as templates I cut out lots and lots and lots of glitter circles and stuck them to a ribbon.

SIlver Dot Garland

So cute, right?

SIlver Dot Garland

I also made the red, green and silver one I posted previously. Unfortunately I ran out of the ribbon so I used monofilament instead, which looks cool but I haaaaaaate working with it.

Christmas Dot Garland

I have ideas for all sorts of other dot garlands, so good thing I have all those scraps!

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