Who’s Got Zero Thumbs & is Coming Home Today?

THIS MEOW!! 😀 😀 😀

Glamour Shot

I was waiting until after 9am to call the animal hospital and then they called me, which freaked me the fuck out because they said “no news is good news!” and that they’d only call if something went really wrong. I saw the number and my stomach cramped up and I started sweating up a storm, it was gross. HOWEVER she’s doing okay! Her blood sugar is finally back up (it’s too high, in fact, LOL DIABETES YOU SAUCY MINX) and they said I could either leave her at the hospital for a second day and they’d monitor her levels, or I could bring her home and take her to my regular vet tomorrow and they could monitor her levels. I’ve decided to go with the latter, which I have no doubt will be cheaper, plus it’ll free up space in the emergency hospital, because Saturday nights/Sundays are their busiest time. Also I just want to get her home, I miss her dumb face and annoyingness.

Also, I woke up this morning to a ton more donation notifications and when I checked my Paypal I found that I have almost $800 in donations/etsy sales rn. I’M OVERWHELMED BY THE OUTPOURING OF LOVE AND MONEY YOU GUYS.

Happy Tears

A lot of people said they wished they could donate more but almost everyone sent five or ten dollars and that REALLY added up, like I said yesterday LITERALLY ANYTHING HELPS and it totally did, so THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I don’t know yet how much more I’ll have to pay today on top of the $1,300 I paid yesterday, plus whatever I have to pay for her to be at my regular vet all day tomorrow, plus I have to by a glucometer testing kit thing with the strips or w/e, so I’m still running the sale on my etsy (use CATAID25 for 25% off!) and still accepting donations but really, THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU. Everyone who donated or bought something or retweeted/reblogged/shared on facebook, or even just said something nice. You all helped me through one of the worst days of my life.

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