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Under the Tree

Claire is doing really well today. I took her to my regular vet this morning for a follow-up and to learn about the exciting world of glucose curves! If you don’t know, that’s when you get a glucose testing meter and test your blood every 1-2 hours all day and track your blood sugar levels on a fun chart. Except they aren’t my levels, they’re the cat’s, so I have to hold her down while I prick her ear and try to collect enough blood in the little test strip. It sucks pretty hard and I have the utmost sympathy for any diabetic humans or parents of diabetic humans who have to do this.

Home Cat

In other great news, I’ve taken down the donation button from my blog & the original post because GUESS WHAT? I don’t need any more donations! Everyone who donated or bought something, thank you so much for all your help. If anyone is still feeling charitable please consider making a donation in Claire’s name to a no kill shelter or emergency veterinary hospital in your area, or even a charity that helps humans in need.

I am still running the sale on my etsy shop for the rest of December (use the code CATAID25 for 25% off your order!), but please know that there is currently a 1- to 2 week lead time on any new banner orders as I am swamped in glitter. SWAMPED!

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  1. Aaah Im so happy for you both!! and I do not envy you the diabetic kitty troubles, its hard enough trying to get my grandma to realize that eating birthday cakes while diabetic ISNT a good idea, do not want to imagine trying to hold onto a grumpy cat while pricking and collecting blood;)

  2. yay! i’m so so so glad that claire is doing better. having a sick pet is unbelievably stressful.

    in honor of her, i will exit this comment with a claire-appropriate emoticon.


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