Dream Life Version Four

Usually when I make these posts it’s because I’ve been obsessing over real estate in North Vancouver. I mean, you can get a WHOLE HOUSE there for under a million dollars! AMAZING. Well this time it’s different- right now I’m obsessing over the Mount Pleasant/Main area of East Vancouver (for those who don’t know, East Vancouver is the east part of Vancouver, North Vancouver is a different city, a suburb of Vancouver).

Vancouver Map

There are a lot of cute/cool shops and restaurants (on Sunday Taylor and I had brunch at a place with MULTIPLE vegetarian options, I felt so spoiled) on Main, although I haven’t often gone out there because taking the bus is a hassle. With the new Canada Line train it’s a lot easier- there are a couple stops where you can just walk over to Main from Cambie. I like to walk on all the side streets and get into a jealous rage about WHY DON’T I HAVE A HOUSE HERE??? Oh, right, because I don’t have any money. There are houses for less than a million though. Like how great is this one???

Glen Drive House

DAT TURRET. Five bedrooms, three fireplaces, a master wing. SOMEONE BUY ME THIS RN. It’s actually a little further east than I like but whatever, I can live with it. $998,000 is less than a million, right?

Or house about renting a house? Only $2,200 a month for this charmer (not really that charming).

13th Ave Rental House

Since I can’t afford to buy or apparently even rent a house in the neighborhood I did the next best thing: I BOUGHT A TICKET IN A CHARITY HOME LOTTERY. The grand prize is 2.4 million dollars in cash (or gold, lol) OR a huge suburban mansion, OR a not-particularly-huge but still nice and well-located house right in the neighborhood I like (plus $200,000 and a couple cars).

Vancouver Prize Home

The drawing is this Thursday and I’m using all my powers of positive thinking to try and win. Of course now that I’ve found that green turreted house I’ll have to decide if I want the prize home OR the cash. WOW MY LIFE IS SO HARD.

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        1. Well just wait because I made a new pic for the facebook page that’s way better SO NOW I HAVE TO REDO THE WHOLE HEADER OH MY GOD

  1. I live in this area! Well, kind of. I live on Fraser. But being close to Main St from King Edward down is amazing. It’s by far one of the best areas of Vancouver! The only downside for me is that there are so many freaking schools around. But I guess if you have kids and stuff that’s actually a bonus.

        1. You’re young and fresh, I’m old and I want a house with a yard. A WHOLE HOUSE, NOT JUST THE BASEMENT. Buuuuuuuut I don’t want it so much that I’d move out to the suburbs lol.

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