New Look for Pre-Spring

As I mentioned on Friday, I’ve been messing around with changing up the look of my blog. Nothing big, like no huge layout redesign or anything (PERISH THE THOUGHT), just a new header and buttons and whatnot. I finally finished individually placing every little tiny pennant yesterday afternoon, so here it is!

New Blog Look for February 2012

These colours together remind me of spring and Easter and basically every single piece of felt-tip marker art I made/letter I wrote in grades 4 through 7. Happy fun colourful bunting to get rid of these crummy winter blahs. In fact, I’ve had enough of winter, this is now pre-spring!

I also made coordinating images for the two facebook pages and my etsy shop, as well the contact buttons (I’m especially pleased with those), and I’m also considering making myself a new business card to match. I REALLY like this design, I think it’s really me. What do you all think?

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