Manicure Monday

Pink Glitter Nails, Part One Billion

This is probably my one billionth pink glitter manicure. idk why I am so into pink glittery nails, but I am, so when I saw this Essie Luxe Effects ~multi dimentional~ top coat (tilde emphasis mine) I OBVIOUSLY had to have it. I didn’t want a repeat of last week’s Fresh Frog situation, so I rummaged through my collection to see if I could find a good pink to go under it. As it turns out, Quo by Orly in Twinkle Twinkle is perfecto!

Pink Glitter Nails, Part One Billion

I bought this colour a while ago but I’ve only used it in a pink/gold/neutral polka dot manicure before so I didn’t really have an opinion on it until. Like the other Quo by Orly polishes I’ve tried it went on nicely, had good coverage and dried quickly. I actually only needed one coat to get perfect coverage, which was great because I put three coats of glitter over it.

Burt's Bees Cuticle Butter

In semi-related news, I picked up this Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream on a whim last month and it is my new favourite thing. I’m terrible about picking at my nails/cuticles all the time and constantly have gross infected hangnails, like on my index finger in the Fresh Frog post I linked to above. That picture is from the 23rd and the pictures in this post are from the 28th, and just look at that index finger! Totally healed and totally not gross anymore.

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      1. that recipe sounds ok except for the glycerin. buying that would probably cost more than a cream, heh. thanks though, i’ll think i’ll try this burt’s bees stuff. i do like their lip balm.

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