Everything’s Comin’ Up Milhouse

Praise tha Lord, January is over. What a total crap of a month! I’m happy to see it go and here’s to hoping February is better (even though it’s off to an inauspicious start as NONE of my clients have paid their fees yet, so I can’t pay my rent).

Here’s a couple of reasons why February is BOUND to be better than January:

1. I’m like, 99% sure we’re getting a new mattress, which I’m also 99% sure will solve 99% of my back problems. Right now we’re sleeping on an old Ikea mattress, which is on top of another old Ikea mattress. It was really comfy at first, but now both mattresses have caved in as I’m sure they aren’t meant to be Princess-and-thePea’ed like that. Anyway today after work we’re going to go test out this one that is on sale for three thousand dollars off the regular price. I’m 99% sure it’ll be like sleeping on a cloud made of angels and money.

2. It’s my birthday this weekend! Since I am lame I’m not having a big party or anything, but I do have some fun activities planned, like brunch and pedicures and baking chocolate chip cookie-oreo-brownie bars instead of a cake.

3. Giveaways galore! Okay, two giveaways. Later this month there will be a fun giveaway on I Love Pugs for all pug enthusiasts, and right now RIGHT NOW only until Friday, you can enter to win a 15-letter custom ombre banner on Sometimes Sweet.

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