No, this is not a post about quitting my job to live a life of leisure. I WISH. It’s about quitting something I love: coffee

Department of Coffee

I don’t actually mean to quit coffee, it was sort of an accident. See, on Saturday afternoon I was very sleepy, so I had a coffee. I didn’t think it would keep me up late, because it wasn’t that late in the day, I was planning on having a couple beers, and I usually stay up pretty late on Saturdays anyway. HA HA JOKES ON ME because I could. not. get to sleep, and when I finally did I tossed and turned like mad. I was still feeling jittery when I woke up on Sunday so I skipped coffee in favour of tea, but I had trouble getting to sleep that night as well.

On Monday I decided to just have a decaf in the morning and it was not a good day. I was EXHAUSTED, I almost fell asleep at work a couple times, and in the evening I got the worst caffeine withdrawal headache in the history of the world. My facebones hurt. I felt like I was gonna throw up. It SUCKED, but of course I couldn’t do anything about it because the only cure (coffee) would keep me up all night!

By Tuesday morning the headache was mostly gone, and I figured that since I’d made it that far I might as well stick with it! I’ve only had decaf coffee and herbal tea all week and other than a few mild headaches I’m not feeling too bad!

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