Sick Day

For the past couple weeks my house has been a den of disease- coughs, colds, runny noses, sore throats, fevers and sneezes. When you’re sick, it’s nice to be able to take some time off work to recover, recuperate and regroup, so that when you do go back you’re refreshed and ready to tackle everything that piled up while you were ill. Unfortunately, I’m barely sick and can’t justify skipping work (taking sick days costs me $150-$200) so I’m slogging through it all while Taylor sleeps for 19 hours a day (although last night he very gallantly offered me “flu sex.” I declined.).

To be quite honest, what I really need right now is a mental health day, a catch-up day. A day that isn’t the weekend where I can finally finish cleaning the house and get my etsy stuff organized. My shop is actually doing really well- all the people posting their banners on tumblr, the ad I took out, the giveaways and discount codes I’ve done, they’ve all combined to form something that looks like it might well become a success! I’ve been selling quite a few banners each week and it’s great, but when I was promoting my etsy I overlooked one important detail: while I’m making banners and bunting I still have to do my regular job. You remember that one, the daycare thing that I do fifty hours a week.

I can actually do both- I work on banners when the kids are doing an activity, or napping, or in the evenings when they’ve all gone home. Unfortunately this doesn’t leave me with a lot of time for stuff like blogging (hence my weak posts recently) and cooking (hello, takeout menu!) and cleaning. Right now I’m maintaining the absolute minimum level of cleanliness in the daycare areas of the house, but everything else? SQUALOROUS. And Taylor being sick and unable to help doesn’t, well, help!

Yesterday I spent all my free time rushing to finish the last four orders I had so I could get them to the post office, and when I was all done and they were all shipped I heaved a huge relieved sigh and said “Now I can finally get my house clean and start working on all these other projects I’ve been putting off, like refinishing the bedside table I found in the alley and painting a backdrop to photograph my banners against!” but before I even sat down on the couch I got another order. Obviously I’m not complaining- I love making banners (and I love making money), but it’s a little overwhelming. A few weeks ago Taylor and I had a discussion about how much money I’d have to make off etsy sales each month before I could quit my job and become a full time crafter (I’m about 1/6 of the way there and not holding my breath) but like… even if I did have enough sales each month I would never have the time to finish them all!

Anyway, my latest order is fortunately a small one, so before I get started I’m going to take today to clean up around here; mostly my workspaces (since right now I don’t actually have anywhere to make anything!).

I'm a Mess (Desk)

…but I really need to do the dishes and some laundry and Oh My God clean the bathroom. And who knows, maybe I’ll also find time to paint that backdrop, start refinishing that table, repaint the top of my desk, clean out my old, dying computer and transfer all my files to my new computer (I bought a new computer and I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet because everything is such a mess!),

New Shiny

… take out all the recycling,

I'm a Mess (Recycling)

… sort through/organize/put away all my boxes of non-Christmas holiday decorations,

I'm a Mess (Holiday Decor)

… sort through/organize/put away all my boxes of random arts & craft supplies,

I'm a Mess (Crafts)

… paint my bedroom/bathroom/kitchen, work on some designs for new etsy items I’m planning, and while we’re at it, organize all my receipts & papers so I can find go see my accountant and file my taxes.

Yeah. That’ll happen.

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    1. I can’t, I’m too much of a control freak, Besides,

      tbh I’ve looked into it and I haven’t been impressed by the quality of the cuts made on craft foam- lots of raggedy edges that require trimming/cleaning up. The thing that actually takes the longest is the ombre glittering and assembly anyway.

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