It’s here it’s here our new bed is here!!!

New Dog Bed

It was delivered yesterday afternoon but we weren’t able to set it up until almost 8 o’clock and let me tell you, the wait was A G O N Y. But do you know what ISN’T agony? My back. Yes, one night of sleeping on the new bed and my back already feels 75% better. AMAZING.

The new mattress is about fifty times thicker than the old one so one thing we need to do is buy some new sheets, since we only have one that really fits. Luckily, it’s my favorite one from my favorite bedding store, Bed. I’m bored with my current bedroom colour scheme so I already ordered a new duvet cover so I’ve been looking for colours that will go with it. Right now I’m looking at rhino, taupe and aqua.

New Bedroom Colour Scheme

The dogs have also been enjoying the new bed, but I think Georgie’s favorite was when we pulled the old mattress out and leaned it on the couch. She climbed up and slid down over and over, it was adorable.

Intrepid Georgie

So intrepid!

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  1. Your bedroom colors are my favorite. I feel awesome when I wake up in the morning. I have lamps with the matching shade in aqua.

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