Good Reviews/Bad Reviews

The Good

This Print from Bikeparts on Etsy

I saw this on etsy’s front page last night and bought it IMMEDIATELY because it is the greatest thing I have ever seen. A BEAR EATING LITTLE FRENCH BABIES????? Amazing, I can’t wait to get this!

Buying Korean Skincare Products on Ebay

Ciracle & BBCream

Why are Korean skincare products so fun and amazing? (I’m sure products from other countries in Asia are great as well, I’ve only bought Korean ones though.) So far I’ve tried Ciracle Good-Bye Blackhead, which I LOVE. It’s these little sheets filled with plant extracts and magic that suck all the gunk out of your pores (be careful if you look it up, there are lots before and after pics of pore gunk). Last night I got some Skin79 BBCream in the mail. I don’t know if I love it yet, because it’s on my face for the very first time right now, but 99% of the people I know who’ve used it love it, so here’s hoping!

The sellers I’ve ordered from are jbcommerce2002 and Both are top-rated sellers with great feedback and offer free or very cheap shipping. The products arrived WAY faster than expected- they were both supposed to take about three weeks to get here and arrived in about a week.

Dog Bellies

Fuzzy Belly Georgie

No explanation required.

The Bad

The Addition of the Character Luke Granby to Up All Night

GTFO Luke Granby

I love this show. Everyone I know loves this show and if they are in a relationship they love to say “omg, we are SO Chris and Reagan,” (unless they are like Gene and Terry, in which case gtfo). However, one of the things I loved most about it was the fact that Reagan’s work environment was a LADY environment: Reagan, Ava and Missy are all great female characters that work together without competing against one another, and Reagan was the boss. But last week they suddenly and unexpectedly and in my opinion detrimentally introduced this new male character? Who is their boss now? WHAT IN THE HELL????? Why can’t a WOMAN just be in charge? Why do they need this male overlord? Ugh I just feel like the network decided Will Arnett’s SAHD (stay-at-home dad) character wasn’t manly enough or something and decided to cram this completely unnecessary and unwanted strong male leader type into the cast, ruining the dynamic. RUINING IT.

Men’s Reactions to International Women’s Day
As I’m sure you all know, yesterday was International Women’s Day. You would think that on this day, men could take five seconds to appreciate the women in their lives: moms, wives, girlfriends, daughters, friends, coworkers, bosses, employees, politicians even! But instead all I saw all over the internet were disgusting displays of whining (about how why don’t men get a day of celebration, like COME ON) and unfunny “jokes” about how women should get back in the kitchen, do the dishes, make them a sandwich or just stop wearing clothes. Like, really? Are men so insecure about their VERY SECURE place in the world and society that when faced with a single day of appreciate women all they can think to do is act like babies and dredge up insulting sexist stereotypes? News flash: your misogyny is showing, and it’s not cute. Also, this:


But fear not, men! I’ve decided there should be a day to celebrate you, so here it is: from now on March 9th will officially be known as International Men Are Disgusting Day. Congratulations! All you hard work has finally paid off!

7 Replies to “Good Reviews/Bad Reviews”

  1. So glad I wasn’t on Facebook much yesterday. Though I did see a militant vegan friend post about the importance of the plight of dairy cows as the most abused and oppressed females on the planet. That made my trigger finger itch a little.

  2. I know this is an old post but I just got those pore sheets in the mail last week and IDK what’s going on but I don’t think it’s working right on me. I even did it right after a shower tonight and I could see the gunk I wanted to come out but the sheet didn’t take any of it out. I left it on for 20 minutes – should I have waited longer?

    1. When I use them I don’t get a big gunk haul (lol gross) like in the before & after pictures online but my pores look smaller. Maybe try putting plastic over it?

  3. Good tip! I don’t think I noticed my pores getting any smaller but I think I was more focused on the gunk to notice anything else. I was using baking soda mixed in with my cleanser for smaller pores but my skin is really way too sensitive for that.

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