Drinking Dawn

This past weekend I got to indulge in one of my all-time favourite activities: DRUNK TWILIGHT MOVIE NIGHT. This has been a tradition in my house since we first watched Twilight in ten fuzzy parts on youtube (superbusyhospital ring a bell for anyone else?), and continued with New Moon, although we totally skipped Eclipse (oopsies). But after hearing from numerous sources that Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 was the funniest movie of 2011 I knew it wasn’t to be missed, and if amazing fan-made posters like these were any indication I was in for a real treat.

Breaking Dawn Posters
They tell a story!
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After watching it all I can say is wow. WOW. wow. It was so dumb! And boring! Like you would think in a movie where a girl bangs a vampire and gets pregnant with his freaky vampire baby something would happen, but NOTHING HAPPENS. I live tweeted my reactions to the whole movie and normally when I try to live tweet something I lose interest after about twenty minutes because I’d rather watch it than tweet about it. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE THIS TIME.

Breaking Dawn Tweets
I can’t decide if this was my finest moment or my hitting rock bottom.

It’s been suggested to me that I should do this (live tweet a terrible movie) every week but I don’t think I (or my liver) can handle this sort of emotional intensity. UNTIL PART TWO!


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  1. Breaking Dawn was literally the Movie Watching Highlight of my 2011. I went on a date with my bestie and we snuck in a bottle of Absolut and a hand full of those little mini bottles of some pink shit. We drank all mini bottles and 2/3 of the vodka and cackled through the whole movie. It is unwatchable sober, but the greatest film achievement in the history of cinema when you’re wasted.

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