Sick Day

Closed Due To Illnes!

I don’t often take unscheduled days off work. I can’t even remember the last time I did, maybe when Sym was in the second or third grade? It’s definitely been a couple of years.

I always feel bad about inconveniencing all my clients, so I have to be REALLY sick to call off. Last night at 2am when I was sweating and crying on the bathroom floor and trying not to throw up all over myself I decided this was one of those times. I had all my clients’ numbers in my phone, so I texted them all not to come in and went back to bed. I didn’t hear back from a couple of them before opening time so I asked Sym to make the above sign for the door and spent the day with my book and my sick day bff, this little fuzzy dog who never left my side.

Sick Day

Sym made little crafts to cheer me up and Taylor brought me ginger ale and I’m already feeling much better.

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better – it’s no fun being sick. I’m just like you, it’s very rare that I get THAT sick. It’s always nice to have some help. Thank goodness Sym and Taylor were there for support!

    1. ty, I’m feeling a lot better already. I think it might have been food poisoning, although SYm ate almost everything I did yesterday and she was fine. IDGI.

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