Good Reviews/Bad Reviews

Kind of a small post this week since I’ve been incapacitated but illness & infirmity for the last couple days.

The Good

Oregon Tails’ Flickr Page

My friend Lindsey introduced me to this dog walking service called Oregon Tails. She used to use them for her beautiful dog Cooper (pictured above) and they have a photostream with like, THREE THOUSAND pictures of dogs playing and having fun adventures. If you are like me and love dogs more than almost anything then this is the photostream for you. I mean,

Chasing Loolah, as always:)


Zuny Animals
idk why I love these dumb things so much, but every time I go to the store that carries them I end up goofing out over them. One time they had a unicorn and I didn’t buy it and I have regretted it ever since. Last weekend I found a bunch of them on clearance for 75% off so I bought 2 sizes of deers- a bookend and a paperweight.

Zuny Deer

Not sure what I’m gonna do with them yet but that’s okay.

Summertime Sadness

Is everyone over Lana Del Rey now? Well I’m not, I love her and I don’t care who knows it. This song in particular is my f a v o u r i t e, I think I listen to it about fifty times a day.

The Bad

The Migraine I Got Last Night After My Shower
Like, really? Like the mystery food poisoning-like illness I had midweek wasn’t enough, I had to have a migraine as well? Completely NOT COOL, brain.

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