Manicure Monday

Easter Nails

Sally Hansen Barracuda, Mint Sorbet, Lacey Lilac and Yellow Kitty; Essie Muchi Muchi; Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love topcoat

The idea behind these pastels with a matte topcoat is that they are supposed to look like Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. I’m not sure if I accomplished that, but they are spring-y and Easter-y enough I think.

While I like all these colours, the formula of these polishes was almost universally terrible. Except for the Lacey Lilac (a perennial favourite of mine) they were all really watery and required about a million coats for full coverage. Yellow Kitty and Muchi Much (the pink) were the worrrrrrrst and even with five coats they still aren’t perfect, but Mint Sorbet (which I feel I’ve complained about before) and Barracuda (the blue) are also pretty bad. I would say I’m never going to use them again but I already promised Sym I’d give her a matching manicure.

2 Replies to “Manicure Monday”

  1. Your manicure looks like my lunch!

    Not that I ate nothing but Mini Eggs for lunch. That would be wrong.

  2. they do look like little easter eggs!

    i usually don’t really like pastel colours, but with the matte top coat, they look really good! especially that purple one and the mint one is a nice colour too.

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