I have this fantasy where I have my own house and in the mornings I let the dogs out into the backyard and they run around while I watch from the porch, drinking my coffee and wearing a sweet floral satin or silk robe. I have the dogs, but let’s be real: I’ll never have the house. I figured I might as well spend all my money on the only other attainable part of this dream: THE ROBES.

I saw this picture of Krysten Ritter on tumblr a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been officially ROBE-SESSED. I want to wear them all the time all summer, with a tank top and leggings or a little sundress. I will wear them to lounge around the house and walk the dog and run errands, I don’t even care. ROBES ALL DAYS ALL WAYS.

Unfortunately they seem to be harder to find than I thought they would be. I’ve been scouring shops and the internet and so far I’ve only found two: a purple on from etsy (which hasn’t arrived yet, pout pout) and a black one from this vintage clothing store I used to work at.

Purple Robe

The problem is lot of the robes I’ve found are brocade, or embroidered, or have kimono sleeves, or cost $250, and these aren’t what I want. People keep telling me they know someone who has a lot of these, but they got them all while travelling around Asia. My friend Carleigh says she has the EXACT one Krysten Ritter has, but she got it in Thailand. So basically THANKS FOR NOTHING, CARLEIGH. And if anyone has any useful tips on where I can get non-brocade silk or satin floral robes that are reasonably priced with no embroidery or kimono sleeves, leave a comment!

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    1. I saw that one already, and idk, I don’t LOVE it, and if I’m paying over $100 for a robe it better be made of the stuff of my own personal dreams, you know?

  1. Goodwill!! I have an adorable one that I got there a few months ago, and I just saw another one recently! It helps that I live near Korea Town in LA, but you can probably turn one up by searching through a few Goodwills.

    1. I forget, they only had the one though. Just go down to Chinatown and you should be able to find one!

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