Signs of Spring

1. my jean jacket making it’s first appearance.

Jean! Jacket!

Obviously this is not appropriate for winter wear, so when I can move it from the out-of-season coat closet (which is crammed with 90% Taylor’s stuff btw) to the foyer it’s a definite sign of spring.

2. giant bees

I had my living room windows open for most of the afternoon on Tuesday and OF COURSE a huge fuzzy bumblebee about the size of a lime came bumbling in and started baffing around all the windows that weren’t open. I don’t like killing bees (who else is going to pollinate our food crops???) so I had to use all my bee-herding tricks to get it out of the house.

3. horrible smells


There are a lot of community gardens in my neighborhood, and every spring they all get big piles of manure delivered which the gardeners slowly spread on all the plots. It’s nasty.

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  1. The bees that come out every spring freak me out. I am slightly allergic and so I am always one of those people who flail around and duck and run and scream when I see bees. I don’t want to kill them, they are just doing their bee-job of buzzing around doing what bees do, but I don’t want them around me either.

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