Even though I had basically THE WORST sleep ever last night I am in a surprisingly good mood today. I mean, it’s Friday, work is a breeze, and although it’s cloudy now, it was sunny when I was walking Georgie this morning (early morning dog walks in the rain are one of my least favourite things)

Morning Walk

I FINALLY got my out of control bangs trimmed last night, and even though my roots are already out of control I guess my hairstylist forgot I was blonde and then blue before my current brunette status.

Bangs Cut

Yesterday Sym and her friends at school spent some quality time at school googling things. Namely, ME. I don’t know if they googled any of their other moms, but if they did i doubt they got a whole page of results. Afterwards Sym made me this picture.

I'm Famous

Hey, she saw it on the internet so it must be true, right? Anyway, I hope you are all having a lovely Friday as well!

5 Replies to “Friday”

    1. I kind of assumed it would already exist but all I can find are onesies that say “I’m famous on my mom’s blog” lol

  1. Hey Tanie! It’s Ally from Preschool. I found your blog when I looked up your etsy site. I was curious about your craftiness. Your blog is awesome. So much fun. Go check mine out if you like. I haven’t posted much lately, but your blog inspired me and I want to start up again. After a few years of losing my crafty mojo, it is finally coming back. A.

    1. Hey Ally, thanks so much. If you really want some crafty inspiration you should check out my friend Meg’s blog ( she does all kinds of great little projects & tutorials that are a good way to ease yourself back into crafts after being uninspired for a while.

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