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I think one of my biggest blogging problems is that even when I bring my camera out with me, I feel like too much of an idiot to take pictures. Especially if, say, I’m about to take a picture with my real camera and then one of my companions goes to take a picture off the same thing with their phone. I think it makes me look like too much of a try-hard. idk, I guess I’m going to have to get over it.

ANYWAY. Even though I remembered to take my camera with me when we went out on Saturday, the only picture I took all day was of Sym, at home, taking all my Draw Something turns.

Sym Drawing Something

Perfect. We actually spent the afternoon out on South Granville, mostly window shopping. We went into Pottery Barn Kids and Sym lost her mind over e v e r y t h i n g. She wanted all the toys and all the beds and all the chairs. Too bad for her that we have more of an Ikea budget, but ngl, I would probably strangle someone for this bed.

Okay maybe not strangle, but definitely betray.

We also went to Anthropologie, where I bought a squirrel-shaped drawer pull to replace the ugly knob on Taylor’s desk.

Squirrel Knob

This was the first time I’d been to the Anthropologie here since it opened almost a year ago and I have to say, compared to locations I’ve been to in the US, it kind of sucks.

The main reason we went out to South Granville, though, was so I could go to this fancy-schmancy lingerie store, Diane’s Lingerie. Not because I’m a fancy lingerie person (I’m not, I’m more of a simple and somewhat utilitarian lingerie person), but because regular stores with affordable bras don’t carry my size and I was tired of trying to squeeze into ill-fitting bras.

I had a real-life busty girl problems moment when the sales associate brought me the perfect bra that was exactly what I was looking for, it fit well, and she told me “This is the most economical bra we have in your size!” Then I looked at the price tag and it was $100.

UGH THE WORST. I had to bite the bullet and get it though, so I asked for 2 white-people-skin colour (I don’t like saying “nude” or “flesh” for a colour that only applies to one portion of the population’s skin tone) and one black, but they only had one of each. Another busty girl problem: You finally find a bra that fits and they only have two, so you have to alternate and wash them all the time.

Sunday was a much funner day. I woke Taylor up bright and early by putting Sandstorm on my phone and shoving it under his head.

I often have trouble waking him up, but it only took 42 seconds of this song before he was wide awake and yelling “NOOOO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????” Um, just solved the huge problem that is getting you out of bed!

After taking the dogs to the park we went for brunch with Jenn at Two Chefs and a Table in Gastown (although describing it’s middle-of-nowhere in the downtown eastside location as “Gastown” seems generous).

Chicken & Waffles

Taylor had chicken & waffles, which were more photogenic than my pancakes (I would also say my pancakes were just okay. They had apple slices on the bottom, which was good, but the overall texture was kind of doughy). The restaurant is really great looking and I wanted to take some pictures of the decor, but I felt too dumb. Seriously I need to get over it!

After brunch we ventured into Chinatown in search of what else but MORE ROBES.

Chinatown Gate
Everything To Hang From Your Ceiling

I forget the name of this one store (Bamboo something) but they had EVERYTHING you could ever want to hang from your ceiling, toys and dishes, furniture, Communist hats and $1,000 vintage cameras.

I found some sweet silk robes at a couple different stores, and after a lot of discussion I settled on this pretty turquoise blue with flowers and peacocks.

Robesessed Part III

I swear I don’t have a problem.

After Chinatown Jenn went home, and Taylor and I had plans to go see The Five-Year Engagement, which was pretty funny. I mean who doesn’t like Jason Segel? NO ONE. NO ONE DOESN’T LIKE HIM. Emily Blunt is also great.

We had some time to kill before it started so we wandered around the weird, half-dead mall where the theater is. We bought some candy at the Japanese dollar store (including Hello Kitty brand jelly-filled strawberry marshmallows for Sym and some kind of gum or chew that seemed to be robot-themed and also possibly beer-flavoured) and then went up to the food court for bubble tea.

Taro Bubble Tea

As you can see, Taylor finally ditched the horrible mustache! I WON!!

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  1. ACK, LOVE THIS POST! So much to take in and so much to comment on. I feel your pain on the bras. I have the breat of a B cup but the bust width of a D cup. I’m 41″ in my bust, but I have tiny boobs that are far apart. Even B cups fit me kinda wonky. So I usually settle for a B38 with a super stretchy strap.

    Also, CHICKEN N WAFFLES!! And LOL about the Sandstorm. Jeremy did that to me once with Rebecca Black’s Friday. I still hate him for that and it was over a year ago.

    And bubble tea!!! Yum!! It’s definitely one of my favorites.

    Sounds like you had quite the adventure. I’m glad you got out there and had tons of fun. <3

  2. I don’t trust people who don’t like Jason Segel. Also, in today’s edition of Things I Shouldn’t Admit, I have a recurring dream where I’m married to Jason Segel. Like, at least once every couple of weeks.

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