Violet & Gold

You all probably thought I forgot or just quit on my New Year’s resolution/ goal to make 2 non-custom banners a month for my etsy shop. I know it’s April 30th I haven’t posted anything since oh, idk, February, but that’s fine. First of all, I made four banners in January so I’m giving myself a free pass for March, when I was in the middle of my biggest blog & crafting slump of all time, and second, I refuse to punish myself over something so dumb. Anyway, I DID actually make some things this month, I’ve just been too lazy to photograph them properly. Until now! Sort of. I hate trying to get good pictures of stuff for etsy because the light in my apartment is total g a r b a g e.

With two-tone ombre of florentine gold and charoite on diamond glitter fancy letters and finished on the reverse with gold glitter paper, this is the most over-the-top banner I’ve ever made. The banner is hung on antique gold satin ribbon and is 45″ long.

This might seem like cheating since I technically made this for my tutorial, but I also made it to sell (for cheap!) since it doesn’t “go” in any room in my apartment and I’ve already had people asking me what’s up with all the tassels hanging everywhere. UGH I JUST LIKE THEM, OKAY MOM??? Anyway.

It features 8 tissue paper tassels and 3 mylar tassels in five shades of purple and gold. The tassels are approximately 12″ long and are hung on a 67″ length of gold metallic cord, which is finished on the ends with loops to make hanging easier.

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  1. I really need to try out the tassel garland tutorial because Sylvia would LOVE some of that going on in her bedroom. But only if I can make it in “rocking” colors, whatever the hell that means.

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