Just a boring little Wednesday post about some boring little blog stuff…

My amaaaaaaaaaazingly talented and smart and funny and beautiful friend Sara who I LOVE drew this perfect portrait of me for my little sidebar picture and I am basically in awe.


THE BEST AMIRITE??? She even used the colours from my header for my hair/eyes/shirt so it would match my blog, and the highlights in my eyes/my beauty mark are little hearts! Sarah has a tumblr called Pageant Systems where she sometimes posts her creations so you should follow it and if she ever starts a proper site for her art I’m going to let you all know because I think she’s the best! EDIT: Sara has a new site for her art and stuff, you can find it here!

Speaking of people who are the best, I’ve moved my list of all my favourite blogs by amazing ladies to its own page called Daily Reads. You can always find it at the top of the page, above the header, and you should really check it out because everyone I know is like, the pinnacle of internet perfection.

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  1. Before I even read the description I though, omg that looks like sarah’s art! The little heart beauty marks kill me with cuteness. That makes em want to draw on my beauty marks as hearts from now on.

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