Housekeeping II

Two posts on my blog about my blog in one day? I think I need a life.

The Finished Product

Everyone go check out my Tissue Tassel Garland Tutorial on Blogher! I mean obviously you already saw it here BUT SEE IT THERE TOO!!

In bigger news, after a lot of hemming and hawing and serious thought and soul-searching I’ve decided to give sponsorship a try. Sponsor ads will run on in the right-hand sidebar, and you can find all the sponsorship info here on the sponsor page (or click where it says “Sponsor” above the header). I’ve got three different ad sizes that are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and spots for the month of May will be HALF PRICE (because the month is already partly over).

Super! 200×200 pixels $15/month$7.50!!! IN MAY SOLD OUT!

Limited to two per month, the Super! size ads appear right at the top of the sponsor column in right-hand sidebar. Also included is an optional feature post or giveaway for your blog or shop.

Regular! 200×100 pixels $10/month $5!!! IN MAY

Limited to five per month, the Regular! size ads appear below the Super!

Babby! 100×100 pixels $5/month $2.50!!! IN MAY

UNLIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE! The Babby! size ads appear below the Regular!

AM I KIDDING WITH THESE PRICES???? No, I am deadly serious. To reserve a spot please email me at

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