Brown Hair Blue

Last week I decided it was high time I did something about my atrocious roots (the problem with my going back to dark hair is my light roots are super obvious super fast, well that and UGH ALL MY DRY SCALP FLAKES SHOW UP NOOOOOO. Anyway). In addition, I decided I wanted my ends bluer, instead of the greenish teal I’ve been sporting.


Of course the only way to get a brighter blue was to use bleach, something I’d avoided the whole time I had blue hair (and also the reason it always faded so fast…). After I retouched my roots, I quickly blowdried and then mixed up some bleach. I divided my hair into two sections and tied them off with elastic, which made it easy to make sure I got all my hair and also to not get bleach all over myself. Using a tint brush and some foils I painted the bleach on the bottom three inches of my hair and then wrapped them up.

Hair Doings

I swear I didn’t get teal foils to match, this is just what the had at the store!
I think I left this on for about 20 or 25 minutes. After I rinsed it out I decided I wanted it to be lighter and also go up higher, so I made the stupid choice to do a second bleaching, this time going about five or six inches up my hair for another 25 minutes or so. I would definitely suggest NOT DOING THIS unless you’ve made peace with the fact you might melt the ends of your hair clean off.

Brown Hair Blue

Luckily this didn’t happen to me (much…) because my hair is very strong. Once I’d rinsed out the second bleaching I painted/smooshed the blue dye into my ends. I used Punky Colour Atlantic Blue, because I like to use what I can buy at the drugstore by my house. I left it on for about a half an hour and then conditioned the HECK out of it (this is very important when you’ve just bleached and fried your hair- I condition the ends even when I don’t wash it).


And there you have it! I think I still need to blend the dark brown and the blue into the still-teal midlengths a bit more but overall I’m really liking it!

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