Likes Walks on the Beach

Street Monkeys

Last night after work Taylor and I grabbed the little dogs and went for a walk along the Seawall from Sunset Beach to English Bay. It was the ONE THING I wanted to do yesterday (well, that and have milkshakes, which I unfortunately didn’t get to have because I never washed my blender after making smoothies- still haven’t tbh) and something I NEEDED to do because I had a very stressful afternoon and needed to relax.

Sunset Beach
Windblown Pups

4 Replies to “Likes Walks on the Beach”

    1. I know, I keep looking at these pics to remind me why I love living here even though I can’t afford to buy a house.

    1. Because it’s also the most EXPENSIVE city in the world & for some inexplicable reason family is important to you lol.

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