Robot Overlords

Robot Overlords Banners

I made this trio of custom banners on the weekend and I’m really excited about how they turned out. The client wanted ombre in as many bright colours as possible and I think what I came up with is pretty perfect. I used nine different combinations:
pink to golden beryl (lime green)
fuchsia to florentine gold
ruby to lapis lazuli (bright blue)
gold to verdalite (deep green)
peridot to tourmaline (bright pink)
emerald to turquoise
blue topaz to charoite (purple)
sapphire to garnet (red)
amethyst to kunzite (pink)

Robot Overlords Banners
Robot Overlords Banners

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  1. Amazing as always! I don’t even want to know how much a pain in the ass it was to go through all those diff ombres. Good job, Tanie! 🙂

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