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I had a (repeatedly postponed and rescheduled) dentist appointment yesterday, and as a reward for finally going AND not having any problems I decided to take myself shopping. I also made Taylor come and meet me so he could stand around sulking while I tried on shoes.

I was looking for three things:
1. a second pair of those Keds-y shoes from H&M
2. sandals in a gold or light neutral colour
3. oversized t-shirts

The first shoes were easy since I knew where to get them, but when I bought the first pair there was only one other one left in my size so I was worried I might have missed out. Luckily they’d been moved to the back of the shoe rack on the very bottom, so no one else had scooped them up.

The reason I wanted a second pair was because I’m inspired by my friend Kristen to stud them, like she did with some white Converse. I think I might even have some studs in one of my craft boxes somewhere!

The sandals were harder to find; I think I must have looked in a billion different stores before I found what I wanted: something flat and strappy without being too reminiscent of my eighth grade science teacher, with little to no embellishments, in a pale gold or a light neutral. I had basically given up when I saw one last shoe store (that I never shop at) and lo and behold, they had exactly what I was looking for. They were pretty cheap too!

I found the t-shirts when I was looking for sandals at Urban Outfitters. They were on sale so I got a grey & and a black one (quelle surprise). They’re one size fits all and basically enormous, in a super soft fabric. Prefect for someone as slovenly as myself! I kind of want to go pick up some more but I didn’t love any of the other colours in the store :/

The best part is all the reviews on the site say these shirts run large. OH REALLY? THIS OVERSIZED T-SHIRT? IT RUNS LARGE YOU SAY? idek what is with some people.

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  1. haha i bought that shirt without trying it on and it fits me GREAT but picturing someone who is usually a small trying to wear it is ridiculous. its so huge.

    1. Right???? Like I’m 5’9 and a large in most tops from UO and it’s like a Homer Simpson muumuu on me.

  2. i hate most sandals but those are actually rly cute! i’m excited about that shirt too, as long as they have AT LEAST grey and black everything is OK.

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