Manicure Monday

It’s been so long! Honestly I’ve been so busy crafting and working and watching tv and eating with my hands to paint my nails for months, but this weekend I got a bee in my bonnet that I ABSOLUTELY needed a neon purple manicure. I looked in a couple different places trying to find the exact shade of polish I wanted, although idk why I didn’t just go straight to the source for all things neon, American Apparel.

This polish is great! I was a little disappointed with it at first because it seemed kind of dark, but that’s because I was inside and it’s in natural light that the colour really pops. The formula is good, although I could have done with a third coat for slightly more even coverage (and also maybe not doing such a terrible job would have helped, lol. I TOLD YOU IT’S BEEN A WHILE) and the colours are fantastic; they have a Neon Coral that I think I might really need. The polish dried quickly to an almost a matte finish, which was a little weird- all the shine you can see is from the Seche Vite topcoat.

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