Being Pregnant: Cravings

I’m really really really REALLY tired of the OH SO HILARIOUS pregnancy cliché about pickles and ice cream. Does anyone even know anyone who has eaten pickles and ice cream while pregnant? Ugh that just sounds repulsive to me, especially since pickles are like, MY WORST NIGHTMARE. So please do not make that joke to me unless you want me to throw up on you.

During my first trimester and the worst of my morning sickness what I was really into was straight up lemons. When I was at my most nauseous I remembered the part in the Pioneer Woman’s book (which if you’ll recall, I HATED, probably why being nauseous reminded me of it HA) about her first pregnancy and how she was so sick she couldn’t do anything but loll around her house sniffing lemon wedges. I’ll try anything to prevent puking so I gave it a whirl and to my amazement, it worked. So then I was just like the Pioneer Woman, lolling around my house sniffing lemon wedges. Oh, except I have a job where I work fifty hours a week and a kid to raise and responsibilities like housework and pet ownership that I can’t just not do. WHATEVER IT’S FINE I’M NOT MAD. Anyway after the first day just sniffing lemons wasn’t enough, and I moved on to licking and then sucking on them. GROSS! I felt like my teeth were going to dissolve right out of my head but it was the only thing that helped and I figured citric acid couldn’t be any worse than stomach acid. It got to the point where I’d just eat whole entire lemons (and also one lime). Ugh so weird.

Eight Lemons

Happily that’s all over now and I can focus on my one true love, lemonade. It is the absolute number one thing I have been craving throughout this pregnancy, although to be honest I crave it all the time because it is the perfect drink (seriously, search this blog for “lemonade” and you will get more than a reasonable amount of results). Since I’ve been pregnant, though, my obsession has really stepped up its game.

The absolute best kind of lemonade in the world is OF COURSE homemade by me. Perfectly lemony and perfectly sweet, the hard-won fruit of laboriously hand-squeezing millions of lemons with my crummy little citrus reamer and getting the juice all up in my hang nails, it tastes all the better because you have to WORK for it.

Classic Lemonade

BUT HOLY GOD WHO WANTS TO DO ALL THAT????? I think I got my fill of hand-squeezing lemons last summer and if anyone wants me to make any they can buy me some kind of lemon-squeezing machine.

Since I’m not into making it myself, I’ve been searching for the best store-bought lemonade and I’ve found two worthy contenders: Simply Lemonade and Happy Planet organic lemonade.


Simply Lemonade is made by the Simply Orange Juice Company, which is owned by Coca-Cola, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say you can probably buy this anywhere. They also make a raspberry lemonade which I like, and a mango lemonade and a limeade which I haven’t tried (the former because I don’t like mangoes and the latter because I haven’t seen it in stores).

It’s pretty good, isn’t my favourite store-bought lemonade. That title goes to my holy grail of lemonades, Happy Planet.


THIS LEMONADE IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS, both the classic and the raspberry lemonade version. It’s like the organic lemons were squeezed by locally sourced angels. idk if it is available everywhere and if it isn’t I AM SO SO SORRY. They only sell it in the summer, and I spent all last fall and winter whining about it and all spring tweeting at Happy Planet asking when it would be back. I actually think if I tweet at them about it again they might block me. I’m considering buying a chest freezer just so I can fill it with this stuff (and my favourite homous from the farmer’s market). I can’t even imagine how hard I would cry if I was pregnant in the non-Happy Planet lemonade season, it’s literally unthinkable.

8 Replies to “Being Pregnant: Cravings”

  1. I eat lemon and lime wedges all the time and I’m not pregnant! It’s not gross, it’s delicious. I also cut them into really small pieces, soak them in sugar water for a few minutes, then freeze them.

  2. Blech, lemons. I had lots and lots of nausea in my first trimester, but no puking! I got through it with spearmint breath savers (the smell of which kind of make me want to hurl now, probably because of the association) and saltines. I kept a box of saltines on my nightstand, to eat before getting up in the morning. Except for some reason, despite the vision I had of myself daintily munching on one or two to get me through my morning routine, I would plow through half a sleeve of them at a time. Not dainty.

  3. I’m considering buying a chest freezer just so I can fill it with this stuff (and my favourite homous from the farmer’s market).

    YEP definitely first read “homous” as HUMANS.

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