Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t post as many pics of Dougal as I do of Georgie, but in my defense he isn’t here most of the time and tbh I don’t think he likes getting his picture taken- I was trying yesterday and he WOULD NOT sit still.

Dougal What Are You Doing
Two Goons

The daycare kids were eating lunch and these two were WAY TOO INTO IT. Usually I shut them in their crates but I didn’t for some reason so I had to keep shooing them away from the table.

Today is kind of a drag of a day. It was supposed to be sunny but it’s cloudy and freezing (SERIOUSLY WHERE IS SUMMER???), I’m in a bad mood so I just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie during the kids’ naptime but I have fifty billion tons of dishes to wash, I’m tired and out of breath all the time, and Taylor is at an all-day work conference so I can’t get him to pick me up some lunch or even just curl up next to him while he’s sleeping. I don’t know; maybe tomorrow will be better.

3 Replies to “Beggars”

  1. Summer is chilling in Europe, I would love to shoo it away to your land, because I wish for some clouds and cold!

    Also, I love Dougal’s face.

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