Taylor’s Super Fresh* Top 8 Hip-Hop Albums

All opinions expressed in this post are my husband’s, idk anything about these artists. Some of them might be white rappers. Or Canadian. I JUST DON’T KNOW.

Messy Husband

File this under ‘Things you wouldn’t know about me by appearance’. Looking for rhymes about independent female artists, naming dropping jazz icons or space vikings? You’ve come to the right place. My top 8 in no particular order.


Aesop Rock – Any Album except ‘Bazooka Tooth’. That one isn’t so much as ‘bad’ but a disappointment compared to the rest of his discography.


EL-P – Any Album or EP. Seriously, they’re all worth listening to on repeat.


Cannibal Ox – The Cold Vein. It saddens my soul that they only released one album.


Quasimoto – The Unseen. When I drove from Kelowna, BC to Panama City, FL this was one of the 2 dozen CDs I packed. To this day I’m still not sick of it.


Madvillain – Madvilliany. A group composed of Madlib AND MF Doom? Yes please thank you.


Blackalicious – Nia. This is what summer sounds like to me.


Sixtoo – Antagonist Survival Kit. While his partner from Sebutones (Buck65) went on to be more famous I think Sixtoo’s work has aged better.


GZA – Liquid Swords. I guess this is the one guilty pleasure on the list but in my defence I also love poorly dubbed martial-arts films.


Honourable Mention: DJ Shadow’s “Entroducing”. Before I had a car stereo that would play burnt CDs I wore through 2 copies of this album from playing it so much.

*Freshness not guaranteed

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    1. I’m aware of KRS-One and his contributions but never been properly exposed. I’ve liked tracks that he’s appeared on but I haven’t felt the need to find the ‘definitive’ album to see if he can make it into my library.

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