Being Pregnant: Sharp-Dressed Baby

I love baby clothes. Who DOESN’T love baby clothes; everything is so tiny and wee and adorable. I actually started looking for baby clothes before Taylor even agreed to start trying to conceive, although I managed to contain myself and not buy anything (a decision I regret since H&M had these sweet onesies with an adorable squirrel pattern that I missed out on, THANKS A LOT, RATIONAL SIDE OF MY BRAIN).

Of course, once I actually got pregnant ALL BETS WERE OFF, and as previously mentioned I bought Baby Laramie’s first clothes two days after my positive test. Of course I don’t know what kind of a baby* I’m having so I’ve been sticking to gender neutral stuff, which is annoying. Not because I don’t like the things I’ve been buying, but because it’s SO HARD TO FIND ANYTHING! Like omg, why does every single onesie and pajama either have to say I’M A BOY on the front or be covered in pink lacy ruffles? THESE ARE CLOTHES FOR TINY NEWBORNS LIKE OMG CAN’T THEY JUST BE PLAIN?? It just frustrates me that EVERYTHING is SO GENDERED, even in the 0-3 months size. Like, really? I guess we gotta start subscribing to those stereotypical gender norms asap.

ANYWAY. I’m not really mad because all the stuff I’ve been buying is in my favourite clothing colour: GREY. Yes, I’m gonna dress my baby like a tiny version of me, that’s the whole reason people have babies, right? TO CREATE LIFE THAT I CAN DRESS IN MY OWN IMAGE (which explains why baby Sym never wore navy blue, aka my most hated colour in the world).

These were the first things I bought: 3 pajama suits in grey, white with grey froggies, and a grey & grey animal stripe from H&M. The tiny stripy ones are what the baby is going to wear home from the hospital and are the only newborn-size item I’ve bought.

Tiny Jammies

I also got this double-breasted, shawl-collared, elbow-patched sweater from H&M. Taylor calls it the Professor Baby cardigan :3 I KNOW IT IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER.

Tiny Cardigan

A few weeks ago I was shopping with Sym and we both wore jean jackets and decided the baby should have one too, so we stopped Baby Gap for one. This is in a 12-18 month size since denim isn’t appropriate for newborns, especially newborns who are new born in November. We also got this sweet little terry cloth hoodie (the ears!) and some knit booties that almost curb my desire for tiny fuzzy baby Uggs. ALMOST.

Tiny Jacket/Booties/Hoodie

Funny story: when I got home and showed Taylor what we’d chosen he was like “So I guess you really think you’re having a girl,” but ALL THESE THINGS WERE IN THE BOYS’ SECTION.

… and of course there is the famous “Is this for your dog?” hockey jersey.

Tiny Jersey

I’ve actually had people tell me I’m buying too much and the baby isn’t going to wear all these clothes before she/he grows out of them, to which I say “WHAT?” Like, have you ever met a baby? Between drooling and spitting up and breaches of a diaper’s structural integrity, they don’t stay in the same clothes all day long. You have to completely change them all the time! In fact, three suits, three sweaters, one jacket and one pair of booties? Never mind the fact that these are all in different sizes, this is barely even enough clothes for one day!

* definitely typed “girl” at first instead of baby, lol.

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  1. Polarn O Pyret is my favorite clothing because it is so gender neutral, granted i can only afford the sale stuff stuff.

  2. OMG those clothes are all adorable…is it weird that I kind of want everything in my size? (Minus the jersey, if only because I live in a Pens house, I know, I know.)

    1. Not weird at all, this is basically how I dress (just swap the jammies for tank tops & jeans). I even have an elbow patch sweater from H&M.

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