20 Weeks; The Purple Pants Story


I don’t think my belly looks any bigger this week, I was actually buggin’ about it because I haven’t really felt much movement and I was like “OH GOD SOMETHING IS WRONG CRY CRY” but then last night after Taylor went to work Baby Laramie turned into Party Cat.

I have my next doctor’s appointment on Monday and my second ultrasound should be soon after that; I’m going to try to schedule it for the first week of July when I’m on vacation so I don’t have to scramble to find someone to watch the daycare kids for me. When I had my first one at 12 weeks it was in the middle of the day* on a Friday and everyone I know downtown was working so I had to get Sym’s grandma (her dad’s mom, not mine) to come down from the suburbs to sit here while the kids napped, and because I hadn’t told my daycare clients about my pregnancy yet I think I lied that I had to see a specialist for a sinus problem. LOL WHO KNOWS. I did have some pretty terrible rhinitis in my first trimester though.


ANYWAY. I’m still on a quest to not look like the walking dead in pictures. Last week I added lip colour; this week I went CRAZY HEAVY ON THE BLUSH. I was a goth for so long it’s very hard for me to apply blush with anything other than the lightest hand- in my brain the goal is still to look as ghostly as possible. I also wanted to try my friend Sara’s trick for DIY lash extensions but I didn’t have time and realized I don’t have an eyelash curler, so that will have to wait until next week.

the dogs & I are squinky-eyed together

The purple pants story is here. There are tons more pics from today, including some of me looking rull dumb and many of dogs looking adorable on Taylor’s flickr.


*Pro tip: idk about other hospitals, but if you are having an ultrasound at St Paul’s in Vancouver, try to have it scheduled for 1pm. All the technicians go for lunch from 12-1 so if you are the first patient after lunch you won’t have to wait past your appointment time. My ultrasounds during my first pregnancy were mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and they were always running behind so I ended up sitting there forever with a full bladder. NOT FUN.

12 Replies to “20 Weeks; The Purple Pants Story”

  1. HAHAHAHAH the purple pants story is hilarious! and you sound just the way i imagined you to! i love the picture of you and georgie!

    i’d try and take more pictures with my dog but i don’t think he likes cameras lol

    1. Georgie loves the camera, I think it’s because I always make such a big fuss of her when I take her picture. Now when I try to photograph anything else she runs into the shot!

    1. LOL GET OUT. If you want to hear a real Canadian accent you should watch the original Degrassi. I mean, you should watch it anyway because it’s the best show, but also for the Canadian accents.

  2. half way there!

    at my hospital they schedule the scan and then an appointment at the antenatal clinic straight afterwards. The scans tend to be on time, but then you have to go wait for the next appointment and you are never seen at the time they gave you. last time I was sat there waiting for 1.5 hours, the time before I think it was 3!

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