Second Breakfast

Croissant, Berries, Honey

Recently I’ve been neglecting the farmer’s market in favour of the grocery delivery service, because of it always being rainy and my never having cash. I was out of honey though, so I REALLY needed to go this weekend. I don’t know if you know this, but local honey tastes better than the stuff at the store, so much so that I don’t even care that it costs $15 a kilogram (really though, a kilogram of honey lasts a LONG time).

from blueberry-blossom fed bees!

It also goes perfectly with berries and croissants from the bakery! To drink I had lemonade (OF COURSE) with a splash of pomegranate soda for extra yum. This was my second breakfast since I already had toast with Nutella this morning.

Croissant, Berries, Honey

Who needs jam? Just smoosh fresh berries on a croissant slathered in honey! Seriously though I don’t have any jam.

Croissant, Berries, Honey

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